Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Great Pre Surgery Weekend!

I got the call last night to be at the hospital on Monday at 7:30 AM for 9:15 surgery.  I had my last pre-op appointment with my therapist, my lovely co workers gave me an amazing care package and I was able to organize all the post op "food" for the kitchen.  I organized by protein shakes and then by savory soups meal replacements.  I also used some of the per-session money (money teachers earn for additional work) to invest in a Magic Bullet.  I have not tried it out yet but it is on my list for today! This weekend will be full of getting ready, house cleaning/organizing, and decorating for the holidays.  My husband and I decided to do it this weekend...I usually do it the friday after Thanksgiving but I will be recovering so Christmas comes a little bit earlier this year.  My amazing teacher team sent me home with a delicious smelling candle-very holiday candle that I can't wait to use too!  In addition to decorating we also have the 50th Anniversary Doctor Who special in a few hours.  Can't wait!  Have lots of sugar free popsicles coming in the grocery order tomorrow and hopefully going to see Catching Fire Sunday afternoon.  A great weekend before heading to NYU for my surgery!  

The kitchen counter covered in all my protein, vitamins, and shakes!

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