Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Day 1: Pre-Op

It's still early for a day off.  

I had a hard time sleeping last night.  Maybe because I knew today was the day that it would really all begin to become real. I enjoyed a lovely foodie weekend, brunch, then going to my favorite cocktail spot, taking in a broadway show, dinner out with my husband- a delicious steak that I enjoyed every bite of.  Sunday was lovely too...more of my favorites but I foud myself just wanting to get things started. Which takes me to today.

I am up with the puppy, first shake done.  I kind of wish I had my first day at work and not on a holiday- the busy would make it easier.  Lots of cleaning to be done at home.  Wish me luck!



Ok!  3 shakes down, 5 glasses of water.  Hunger is a non issue.  It is the habitual nature of the eating that is hard.  Being at home all day today was hard too.  In some ways being at work today would have been easier.  

2 more shakes today...


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