Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!


What a year 2013 has been!  So many big changes for my husband Charles and me.  There have been great moments and very hard ones.

1. Deciding to leave my first teaching job where I spent the first five years of my teaching career.  It released me from so much stress and insecurity when it came to my professional life.  I was able to find a new job in a school where my knowledge and experience has been embraced.  I am challenging myself in new ways professionally and working in a community that celebrates the good work of both students and teachers alike.  I feel valued again, something that was missing for the last few years.
                           My English Team                   Me and my work wife/co-teacher, Melanie.

2.  Finally arriving at the decision to have weight loss surgery.  It was something I had thought about over the last few years but I always believed I could do it on my own.  I did lose weight on my own, for years, yo-yoing over the years.  I finally have the tool I needed to make this time the last time.  It is the best choice I ever made.  It was a hard choice for sure, but the right one.

This is the picture took of me @NYU
                                               at my first appointment in July.

3.  My husband left his job as well.  He has been consulting this fall but the impact on his wellbeing is undeniable.  I am so proud of him.  (He is so cute!)

4.  The passing on of my beautiful Grandmother.  Diane was my last living grandparent and she and I were close.  My father reminded me that she never forgot who I was, even though I have lived 3000 miles away for the last 9 years.  Every time we spoke on the phone she knew it was me and always sounded thrilled to be talking to me. (And I was to talk to her. :-)  This was our last visit in Seattle.

5.  I joined the gym and I like it.  Really.  

Thank you to everyone for reading, supporting, and loving along this journey.
Here's to great things in 2014!

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