Thursday, December 19, 2013

NSV: Non Scale Victories (and a SV too!)

It's the Thursday before break. I am tired and ready for Christmas vacation. Last night I took 9 of my freshman advisees out to dinner at Olive Garden. I have to admit, I was feeling nervous about eating out for the first time. I had arranged for the girls to have the pre fixe dinner- breadsticks, salad, entree, and ice cream. They were on cloud 9! I was able to order an unsweetened ice tea and a bowl of soup- my entire dinner came out to about 100 calories. Here's the thing. Two years ago we went to O.G.for our work holiday dinner. I ordered the Tour of Italy (the same thing many of the girls ordered last night) and I ate the entire dinner in addition to salad and breadsticks. It was a crazy amount of food. My students each took home their unfinished portion of their dinner...something I would never had done in the past. It was a successful first outing. After dinner I did the long walk to the subway, enjoying the holiday lights in Manhattan. I ended up having negative calories for the day- not the plan...I am hoping once I am into real food this is less of an issue. I hit the 45# loss mark yesterday too. A small child. Your checked luggage.

I have lost 9 of these!

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