Saturday, December 7, 2013

Two Weeks Out, almost.

One week out, I went back to work.  My online support system (shout out to my November Sleever Group!) were supporting and surprised.  In doing some reading it seems like the average time off for recovery is somewhere between 4-8 weeks.  There was no way, as a teacher I was going to be able to take that much time off.  I originally had planned to do the surgery the week before Christmas vacation so I would of had closer to 3 weeks of recovery. When the option for a month earlier came up I jumped.  I always had faith in the ability of my body to heal and confidence in my support system to get me through these early days of learning to deal with my new digestive system.  

I went for my one week appointment on Monday. It was brief but I was down 30 pounds since October 18th. It is amazing to think about.  My five incisions are healing well and I have had little to no pain. My largest incision, the one at the fullest part of my stomach started bothering me two nights ago.  It is the one they pulled my stomach through (gross!).  I spoke to the PA at NYU on Friday who said that the pain is probably just scar tissue forming.  Today is is feeling better but still some tenderness.  My physical progress has been good overall.  

The mental game, well that is another story.  I hit the wall Thurday night.  I was barely able to drink another protein shake.  I made it though two more shakes friday but that was my limit.  After consulting my amazing support group, I decided to trust what my body was telling me and move forward with the puree stage.  Last night for dinner I had 2 tablespoons of pureed salmon with some low fat mayo and a little water to thin it out.  I was full after 2T of food.  Amazing, right?  I would not have been able to eat another bite.  Everything stayed down and it didn't bother my stomach (no intestinal distress :-).  This morning I had 1/4 of thin cream of wheat made with skim milk and a little bit of lavender honey.  I am trying to keep artificial sweeteners to a minimum.  The mental benifits of eating real food are amazing.  I am going to make a cauliflower cheese puree/bake for dinner tonight!  So excited!!!

My clothing is starting to fit differently.  When you weigh as much as I do, it takes longer to go down sizes.  I rely on the feel of my clothes and the messages my body is giving me.  Like:
  • my feet are no longer swollen at the end of the day
  • my knees hurt less
  • I am not as exhausted!!!
Needless to say, the first 12 days have gone really well.  I feel good and I am looking forward to the next two weeks of slowly introducing new food, starting my gym membership at Lucille Roberts and the last two weeks of school before break!  Life is good.  No regrets.

My new stomach.  This if from the "leak test" they did in the hospital the day after my surgery.  (Sorry it is sideways).  The really skinny part that looks like spaghetti, that is my new stomach.  The nurse told me it looked like they removed 70%.  From looking at this picture, it looks like 95% to me!  HA!

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