Sunday, February 2, 2014

What goes better with the Super Bowl than Cauliflower Pizza!

Hi All,

It is a big day for Seattle and Seattle Ex-Pats like me living all over the place.  Seattle sports have a long history of SUCKING.  Not just being bad, but really SUCKING.  There have been moments of greatness over the years, the 1995 Mariner's season comes to mind, but in reality moments like that are far and few between.  This year is super exciting as our Seahawks prepare to play in the Super Bowl tonight!!!

My head hunger has not been too bad.  I was anticipating it being worse between all the recipe posting online and the commercials.  I decided to try my hand at cauliflower crust pizza tonight.  Bread is not so great for me, so I am hoping this is a better way to satisfy the pizza craving.  I used this:
The Steamfresh is one of my favorite finds so far.  Great flavor!  So I cooked this and let it cool.  Then I purred in the food processor until it looked like "snow" as the recipe stated from Tasty Kitchen Blog.  I used about 1/2 a cup of shredded jack cheese, one egg, oregano, pepper, and 2T of bread flour (I know, this defeats the purpose of gluten free).  It then went into the fridge to rest/firm up (we shall see).
 Crust pressed out onto a silpat  Close up of the crust-pre cooking
After cooking for 12 minutes, add pesto, olives

 and more Monterey jack cheese.  Return to oven.The finished product.

Time for dinner! 

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