Friday, August 8, 2014

My Badass Moment of 2014

In a totally impulsive moment last night I took a risk but let me go back a little bit...

As many of you know, I am a fan of Tess Munster ( plus size model.  I have written about her before and and how she and her work with Eff Your Beauty Standards have challenged my own thinking about body image (mine and others) and sizeism.  I follow Tess on Facebook and last night the following post came through:

When I saw NYC on the list, I had a moment of: This would be amazing!  I'm sure there are no more spots but I'll email anyway.  I heard back from Sarah Hardcastle of Dynamite Dames about the details of the opportunity.  How could I not do this???  So here is what I will be doing:

We are so very excited to be bringing Tess Munster to New York City for the very first time!!!

We are setting up photoshoots with her on hand, to help you!

She will be in the New York area for one weekend only, October 18-19

 We will be taking very limited spots, only 25 on a first come first serve with bookings. 

With the session you will receive:

Photo shoot with Dynamite Dames on TWO backgrounds - two different pinup styled shoots

Posing instruction during your shoot from Tess Munster

Wardrobe assistance with Tess Munster (we have wardrobe from sizes 0-28 on hand)

Makeup and hairstyling with Charlie Girl (you just arrive with hair dry and with some curl)

4 retouched photos of YOUR choice!
Also take a photo with Tess :D
Viewing gallery to view your photos to make your selections

Option to purchase all of your unedited photos the day of the shoot.

Refreshments will be on hand

Tess will have merchandise for sale too!

It will be like a party :D

Here are a couple photos from Sarah and Dynamite Dames that I love:

Mariah AKA Olive McCurves
So, on October 18th I will be doing my own Pin Up photo shoot here in NYC.  I can't think of a better way to celebrate this transformative year I have had.  I admit, I feel like a badass for even taking a risk like this.  It is brave and in many ways outside of my comfort zone but if I have learned anything it is that I am worth it.  I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge my amazing friend Mariah Bowers aka Olive McCurves who is a true example of womanhood, strength, and femininity for me.  Even though we have not been in the same physical space for 12 years, it doesn't matter.  You rock my world and I love you.  Check out this amazing woman!

I also want to thank everyone for your unwavering support and love.  Every comment, text, email, phone call reminds me that I made the right choice for me and that this journey has been worth it.  Is it October yet???
Have a great weekend!  - Meredith

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