Saturday, September 5, 2015

Adventures in Pickling

So what do you do when someone gives you a vegetable you have never seen or heard of before?  Google it.  Today, thanks to the bounty from Christine's garden, I came home with Mexican Sour Gherkins or sanditas that are now on their way to being tasty little pickle bites.

I used this easy recipe from A Gardener's Table but added some garlic and some hot chili flakes.  I also pierced each one with a fork as per the bloggers revised instructions to help with the pickling process. Three days and we will see how they came out.

New Heights

Yesterday, I traveled upstate to see my my old friend Lawrence and his wife Christine and their son Rowan. We Lawrence and I went on an amazing hike the Undivided Lots Trail on the Mohonk Preserve.  It's incredible and while I am not the rock climber that he is, this was perfect for me.  The view was amazing.
Our view from the top!

Mer and Lawrence!
After our hike I got to spend the afternoon with the family and Christine, who is an amazing organic farmer- I am totally going to give her lofty title- her green thumb is brilliant.  She sent me home with some of the best produce I have ever had.  Check it out!  I can't wait to cut into the watermelon after I get home from the gym later this afternoon.  Thanks to the family for great day.  It was a great end to the summer before I head back to school on Tuesday!!