Tuesday, November 17, 2015

2 Years

Next week marks 2 years since I had weight loss surgery.  November 25th.  I had hoped that I would have met my 200 lbs down as well as reaching "one-derland" but neither thing is gong to happen in the next 7 days.  It's ok.  My weight this morning was 227.  My highest weight was 396.  I am just shy of 170 lbs lost.  This is no small feat and I am still losing weight.  I was 250 on July 1st.  I am trying to be positive about the success.  My extra skin is depressing though.  It it uncomfortable and embarrassing.  Charlie says he thinks there may be upwards of 20 lbs of skin- maybe I am to one-derland but the skin prevents me from reaching my goal. 

I am also one week from my vocal cord surgery.   It will be happing on 11/25, the two year anniversary.  I take it as a good omen.  Weight loss surgery was so good for me, hopefully this will be the last step in anything having to do with my throat.  Surgery is about 2+ hours and I may get to go home, but there is a chance I will have to stay over night.  Also might have a drain.  Will have a new 4cm scar above the one I already have.  2 neck scars?  Could anyone be more badass than that?  I don't think so.

Love and hugs to all and send lots of good thoughts on the 25th.

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