Monday, February 8, 2016

F*$k-u-ary! My Least Favorite Month!

February is not a great month historically at our house.  Especially the first week. This was the my husband's first marriage ended.  It is the week every major health mishap has happened for us.  4 years ago Charlie and Rose both almost died the same week.  Rose from zinc poisoning - she swallowed a penny and it was eroding in her tiny body killing her.  Charlie from an infection that was almost septic that resulted in an epic surgery to save his arm and many, many weeks of IV antibiotics given at home (#thingsIlearedtodo).  Last year, my cancer confirmation -  you know all about that.

This year, my ongoing gallbladder challenges are currently an adventure in pain management. I ended up back in the ER on Friday.  When two of the prescription painkillers didn't work, I knew it was time to go.  It was a frustrating trip. I felt unheard on some levels, but got help with managing my pain.  I was home by 530 am and picked up new meds by 9:30 (Note to self: ask them to send me home with meds or keep me until pharmacy opens next time. It was a long few hours of pain between hospital meds wearing off and new prescription kicking in.) They make me sleepy and I slept most of Saturday away.  My body needed to rest and rest I did.

Pain is better today.  Low grade ache. It's manageable.  I can feel the discomfort of my gallbladder all the time.  I can feel it when I move.  Infected and needing to go.  I skyped with my therapist today and she mentioned that I look an especially fair shade of pale.   Tomorrow I will see my surgeon and --fingers crossed-- I will schedule the removal of this blasted thing.

So, Fuck-u-ary, let's get you over and done with.  On to MARCH!  MARCH ON!
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