Thursday, March 3, 2016

Just Don't Sneeze!

Food prep!
I have so much sympathy for women who have cesareans.  I just keep telling myself that the incision could be much bigger.... This handy video explains what a gallbladder does.

Last Wednesday I went to finally have my gallbladder removed. My surgeon was running late and it proved to be a more complicated surgery because of the scar tissue from my vertical sleeve gastrectomy two years ago and ultimately took two and a half hours instead of the predicted 1-2. In post-op, I received a nerve block that was short lived- the hope being that it would have relieved some of the pain I was experiencing.  This far exceeded the pain I had experienced with any of my previous surgeries. Thankful once again for IV morphine, it's what got me through the first 24 hours.

All ready!  Surgery Number....6

The deliverer of relief...when the time comes. 

I was released Friday morning and Charlie took me home.  Since then it has been a slow but incrementally-better-each-day kind of recovery. Sleeping has been the worst part.  Nothing is comfortable.  Nothing.  So I am approaching being overly tired.  I am going to be trying some tylanolPM tonight and see how that goes.  Fingers crossed.

The second best nurse!

Coloring distracts from discomfort.
One of my biggest fears post-op had to do with food.  There are MANY people who have MANY issues.  Knock on wood, issues have been minimal. Many thanks to Lucia and Christina for their insight and advice on food.  My advantage has been that I have already been to eating boot camp- weight loss surgery did that for me.  Protein first, fruit and veg, then carbs, then some fat.  I have slowly been reintroducing foods back into my diet.  So far so good.  Nothing crazy. Oatmeal, eggs, applesauce, bananas, yogurt.  I made this yummy banana bread (GF) that sat well- if you have not tried quinoa flour, I highly recommend it.   

So the plan is to go back to work on Monday.  I hope that I get some good sleep the next few nights and grow stronger each day.  

I have officially added this bobble to my daily wear as the laundry list of things someone needs to be alerted to grows longer.  I am a survivor.  I am strong.  I like MANY have a crazy story.  That is what life is: a story.  I look forward to the climax of my story, that I know has yet to come.  

Thank you to everyone for all your love, support and encouragement.  Special shout-out to everyone who left a note on Facebook in the days leading up to my surgery.  It made all the difference. 

Until next time...xo

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