Tuesday, April 21, 2015

"You know what your vocal cords look like?" or "Plumping Agents of Change"

I do!!  Thanks Dr. Pitman and the team at the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai.  

As you know, post thyroidectomy I had paralysis of the right vocal cord.  The first thing to try is injection of collagen into the vocal cord to plump it up so that it is working correctly and if I understand, the research has shown that this procedure promotes blood flow to the areas which stimulates the nerve and hopefully resolve any paralysis that has occurred.

 I won't lie.  This is not the easiest procedure I have ever had done, but it is fast.  The worst part for me is the camera down the nose.  Apparently I have small passages and they were not able to use the camera they wanted to and had to go with a smaller one.  It uncomfortable and this is my 4th time in 3 months.  But, it starts with numbing agent #1.  Followed by more numbing via injection through the neck (not down the throat).  Dr. Pitman watches on the screen while doing the first of the two injections.  The numbing part was probably the most uncomfortable, besides the camera, and took the longest.  Then once numb the collagen is injected into the vocal cord.  It is over filled to begin with until the collagen begins to break down and currently I sound like Kathleen Turner with a scratchy throat.  It's silly.  

Hopefully this will do the trick.  Follow-up in three weeks.  In the mean time, popsicles for dinner.

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