Monday, August 31, 2015

Long Time Coming

Weight loss surgery is complicated.  Friends I have made over the now almost two years have joked with each other about things we should tell people before they have 80% of their stomachs removed.  Things that might include: comparing notes on what makes you puke vs. dump (the polite term for exactly what you think it is),  what lots of extra skin actually feels like, wearing girdles and most recently, comparing notes on the impact of alcohol.  Fast drunk, fast sober.  Most of the stuff we can laugh about.  Some things make some of us cry.  I think for the majority, they would still do it again, like me.  If I had not had WLS, I would not have found the tumor that lead to finding the cancer and it may have been a much different journey.  But I did.  I am here.

Sarah, Me and Amanda - Sleeve Sisters 11/25/13

One of the greatest joys in my journey has been the friends I have made.  At the beginning, I was in a November Sleevers group that I left about a month after my surgery because of some really inhumane comments that were made.  In that time though, I found the two women you see above- Sarah, who lives in Michigan and Amanda who is also a Seattle ex-pat who lives in New Jersey.  (Deb, who we all love, also had surgery the same day as we did and she was missed in this picture!) Sarah was in NYC for a bachelorette weekend so we were able to get stars to align and find time for brunch on Sunday.  Collectively I think we have lost more than  400 lbs. It is astounding when you think about it.  I feel so, so  lucky to have them in my life and out time together this weekend was a gift.  

As some of you may already know, this summer I resolved to begin to exercise.  I was standing in my neighborhood coffee shop at the end of June, right after the school year had ended and a woman came in talking about the new deal that NYSC was running.  I could not pass it up.  The gym is 2 blocks from my house.  There was no reason not to go.  So I signed up and started going.  Thankfully we had the means for me to get to work with a trainer this summer and I have to say it has made all the difference.  I feel strong, stronger than I have felt in years.  I have learned to enjoy the sweat and the endorphins.  I find on days, like today when I don't go to the gym until later (my appointment is at 5) that I am sluggish and I wish I had gone in the morning.  I like my 30 minute intensive (for me) and I leave the gym feeling good.
Adrian- I frequently drop the F-Bomb when I am working with him.  He is nice and doesn't mind.
I do feel good. I'm down 18 lbs this summer but more importantly, I am feeling strong and I am looking forward to figuring out how this new part of the ponderous journey fits into my crazy life.

For reference- August 2014

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  1. You are doing an amazing job! I don't know many people who could get through cancer and extreme weight loss at the same time with as much grace and positivity as you have! The difference in your pictures between last year and this year is huge, and I am so proud of your progress! <3