Saturday, October 3, 2015

Goal Setting!

I made it through the first full week of school.  There were so many holidays in September that this past week was the first with 5 in a row.  Im tired, but it was a good week.  I need to do a better job of planning food for the week.  I was not back into the swing with the holidays, but next week will be good.  Ill do cooking tomorrow.  

I had a training session on Thursday afterwork that as usually kicked my butt.  I was lamenting that I had not taken measurements at the beginning of the summer but dug out my pre-op and took measurements today.

July '13
Neck (inches): 19
Waist (Inches) : 57.5
Hip (inches): 66.5
10/3/15 (23 mos post op)
Neck: 14 (-5 inches)
Waist: 36 (natural) (-21.5 inches)
Hip: 46  (-20.5 inches)

Total inches lost: 47
Total Pounds lost: 165 

As I close in on the 2 year marker (11/25) I had hoped to be closer to One-derland by the end of November, but I just do see it happening.  I  dropped 20 this summer and have built a ton of muscle, so I am not worrying about it.  I feel good.  I keep telling people, I feel strong.  :-)

I have set a new goal.  I have decided to get a relay team together to do Rock The Ridge 50 Mile Endurance Challenge at the end of April.  It's for charity, but I thought what better way to mark a year since cancer diagnosis and treatment and hopefully reaching One-derland!  My goal is 10 miles and with the help of amazing trainer Adrian, I will be ready. 

Just under 7 months and counting!!!

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  1. Great work Meredith! I'm impressed by the amount of weight you've lost, but I'm even more impressed by the muscle, and the commitment to fitness. I think Rock the Ridge will be an amazing adventure, and I'd be thrilled to take part. You, my old friend, are on an incredible journey! (old as in friend for a long time, not chronologically old!!)