Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Next Journey

Well friends and family, as I have learned so well this year, there is always something to deal with or handle as we grow up. I know people hate this but, it is what it is. So we deal with fires as they come up. That's life.

I went to see the surgeon on Thursday night and he was great. Thoughtful, informed/informative and cautious. He talked through the cause and effects, the infection I had and what it did and what the course of treatments are, both surgical. It's a little more complicated for me because I have already had surgery on my stomach once. It's not an "undisturbed" stomach so he is sending me to get a CT scan of my abdomen before making a decision about which method of removing my gallbladder is the best/safest. One method is laparoscopic the other involves an incision.  I have to wait now until I get the scan to see what the course of treatment is.  Just like with the cancer, there are steps that have to be taken and the next step can't happen until the one before has been done.  It's a challenge. So we wait...

On the vocal front, I made it through my first week of teaching. By the end of each day, vocally, I am tired. This incision is healing better, faster than the first one.  Maybe the location, maybe the lack of cancer in my body...but the new scar is healing well.  War wounds.

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  1. You are so strong... hopefully it will get taken care of quickly and safely. Xoxo