Thursday, July 17, 2014

Good Things Happen with Threes

The guy on the right is my friend and colleague +Andrew Levine, brilliant chem teacher, Doctor Who lover and bowler. We hatched a plan to go bowling this summer on Wednesday mornings at the Melody Lanes.  This week was our first outing.  It was a great time!  Toni Ann, another teacher/friend joined us as well.  So glad to have people in my life who are game.  We played 4 games, great exercise and the special needs kids bowling next to us offered great tips and encouragement.  ("Just aim at the middle!")

Later that afternoon I got to see Jill (thanks for coming down!) and Toni for dinner and drinks.  We started out at Vu NYC in Koreatown (32nd btw Bway and 5th, I think).  The picture on the right of the Empire State Building is from the rooftop bar.  Don't order the happy hour house wine, but I am sure the cocktails are fine.  We moved on to Wine:30  order the shrimp appetizer.  So good and always good to see my girls.  (We missed you Tes.)

This was today- Im almost at 8 mos out- on the 25th.  I'm in a bit of a stall- no change for about 10 days but it happens.  Thankfully the battery on my scale died so I really have no idea.  I do know that I fit into an XL at the Gap yesterday- it was AWESOME!  I know the clothing keeps getting bigger even if the numbers on the scale are stuck.  

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