Saturday, July 5, 2014

Movin' Right Along

I'll be honest.  The only fun thing about moving is being DONE with moving.  We moved 3 bedrooms- well, one bedroom, 2 offices- and over 110 boxes.  The picture to the left is just a small portion of the boxes at the new place in the living room.  It was 5 high and 5 deep.  Today, 6 days later there are 2 boxes left.  We rocked it but let me say again, the only FUN part of moving is being done.  My office still looks like a bomb went off.  Hopefully by the end of the weekend it will be settled.  :-)

For the most part, we are settled in.  The new shelves came Thursday so I was able to finish unpacking the kitchen and I made dinner for us last night for the first time since we moved last Sunday- filet mignon and pierogis with sautéed sweet onions (Thank you, +FreshDirect for always amazing meat!) I had 4 oz of cooked meat, one tiny bite at a time, 2 tablespoons of onions and the filling of 2 pierogis- about 2 tablespoons.  Each perfect bite was a delicious treat.
The stove top is gas, not quite full size like a range but it works. I have yet to use the oven.
The windows look out onto a courtyard of the apartment building next door-
no one is ever out there but there is a beautiful tree that the birds love- we have already seen a cardinal.
New shelves from +Williams-Sonoma (FANCY!)
All the china made it in one piece- the Giger's are going to go on the wall here.

     The bathroom is my favorite room at the moment- it is the smallest and the most -done- thank you +T.J.Maxx!  I got a few perfect items to set up- it is so nice to have a vanity that is bigger than a shoe box.  We have had such funny bathrooms over the years and this one, is my current favorite, despite the pink tub and toilet.  
+Cynthia Rowley towels (I also have a lot of her clothing- her plus size stuff is fantastic, can't wait to buy her off the rack pieces:-)

Dollar store jar with ribbon from the wash cloths I bought.  Thank you super glue.
I decided to put up this photo we have in the bathroom as well.  It is beautiful and ties everything together.
 Photograph by Ralph Pugliese Jr. +we got at the family winery a few years ago on a trip to LI.  His work is lovely and we have a couple others.  Check out his stuff here:

As for WLS, I burned a crap ton (that is an official measurement) of calories moving and lost 7 lbs. last week- I'll own that I was not doing my best eating but sweating and unpacking in 95 degree weather is great exercise.  My current total is 135 lbs lost.  This is this morning. :-)  I feel kind of human today-thanks to mascara I think.  In the mean time, I'll keep movin' right along and getting things done. 

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