Thursday, February 12, 2015

Next Steps on the Ponderous Journey

Thank you for the plethora of love and well wishes over the last two weeks.  Your positive energy is welcomed and felt as I take steps to conquer cancer.

I went to day to meet with my surgeon.  Dr. Lagmay was great and I feel comfortable with the course of treatment he laid out.  So...

I have Stage 1 Papillary Thyroid Cancer. It is the most common form.  I will be having a complete thyroidectomy.  Pathology will take a week which may reveal something different (Stage 2 - however not more than that because I am so young, or if it spread beyond my thyroid). There will be follow up care with the endocrinologist to help start and regulate the synthetic hormones. 

My surgery has been scheduled for March 11th (Wednesday) for the removal.  I will be out the 11-13.  Possibly the following Monday but that is TBD.  

My prognosis pre surgery is good.  

My mother in law went with me today and said as we were leaving that she wanted to hug Lagmay.  I huge vote of confidence from Joann.  I am feeling positive and tired.  The adrenaline is subsiding leaving my body and the crash coming and the martini lunch we had after my appointment was wonderful.

Tomorrow is Friday, then a weeks vacation.

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