Thursday, November 26, 2015

Being Thankful Post Surgery #3


It's been a long two years.  Yesterday marked two years since my weight loss surgery.  It did in fact prove to be a good day for surgery.  I was thankful to have a note from the wonderful Mimi that she had the same surgery which put me a bit at ease.  I felt calm as we drove into Ear and Eye Infirmary of Mount Sinai . Check in was smooth, to the 7th floor that was quiet the day before a major holiday. I had a room looking down onto 14th Street to myself and that Charlie to wait in while I was in surgery.  Being awake through the 2+ hour procedure was one of the stranger experiences I have had.  The rational knowing of what was going on while being medicated enough to remain calm and not feel any pain.  The scope down the nose is always the worst part- and today was not exception. It was draped in a plastic tent that was stuck to my chin and as a result it was a bit of a steaming for me and got warm.  Very strange.

One of the most fascinating parts was the fine tuning of the implant and being able to hear the difference between it being in and out and being able to hear for myself that it was going to help.  It will be about 6 weeks before all the healing is done, but I am hopeful that I wont have to think about my voice agin and that Karaoke will come back to my life soon!

We have a 10 AM appointment this morning to have the drain removed from my neck that you can see in the picture above.  Lots of meds to help with the recovery. Then home to enjoy Thanksgiving with Charlie and Rose.

Thank you to everyone who called, wrote, texted.  Having so many people spread out all across the country, it can be difficult to stay connected, but I appreciate Facebook and the ease it provides for keeping everyone posted on progress. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Mer, Charlie and Rose

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