Thursday, April 17, 2014

NSV: We're Gonna Bowl Tonight!

 Bowling Night at Bowlmor-Union Square!

My wonderful friend Lisa and I hatched a plan a few weeks ago that we were going to start bowling.  We made plans to go out Wednesday night this week and in an impromptu switch, we decided to start our bowling escapades this week!  Needless to say, it was really fun and we are pretty good at bowling!    (Take that with a grain of salt- we didn't bowl gutter balls every time and each had a few spares and strikes.)  I don't know if I could tell you the last time I went bowling.  Years, many, many years.

We decided on Bowlmor just south of Union Square in Manhattan.  When we arrived, we took the freight elevator up to the 4th floor and were greeted by the familiar sound of crashing pins.  There was no line and we were able to get shoes (rental fee) and leave a credit card for for a lane (Wed night is 11.95/person/game- it's NYC, people.) There were a lot of people there- large groups mostly. We went over to our lane and after a quick set up we started our first game.  All the lessons from my dad growing up came back from going to the old bowling alley at University Village in Seattle (that is long gone).

We played three games and it got better with each game.  It was so much fun, so much laughing and smiles.  And, burned 500+ calories bowling for 90 minutes!  So much fun.  We have plans to go more over the summer- Monday nights are unlimited bowling after 8pm for 25.00 including shoes.  A good deal for Manhattan.

After bowling we headed out in search of nosh and libation and wondered into The Grey Dog, a cozy spot that was not too loud or pretentious.  A delicious glass of wine and part of a GF lemon and rosemary buttermilk cookie was the perfect end to the evening.

Thanks to Lisa for helping to celebrate 100lbs lost!

Here's to the next 100!  

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  1. An epic night! So honored to be a part of your celebration!! Here's to the next 100!!