Saturday, October 18, 2014

Dynamite Dames Pin Up Tour with Tess Munster 2014- NYC

I knew today was going to be one of those experience that were benchmark in my life.  I knew I was going to be stepping out of my comfort zone.  I stepped out, way out.

Last night I went and got a blow out- because natural curl never really works- at least not for pin up.  The nice ladies kept telling me how sweet I was.  Amazing wash (with head rub) and blow out.  14.00 Toally worth it.  May do it every Friday. :-)
Waiting for the blow out...
Sometimes I wish I had straight hair.
This morning, I got myself up and decided to take a car to middle of no where Brooklyn.  Traffic was horrible and I should have just taken the train.  I have to admit, I was having some anxiety.  The driver who took me was sweet and apologetic (like it was his fault) and got me there - 5 minutes late.  It was fine though. 
On the way there, trying to not get nervous.
 I made my way up to the third floor of a loft studio space.  It was a bit spare, but it was fine.  I didn't have many expectations so most things were fine.  There were three women there when I arrived who were at some point in the process of photo land.  Tess came over and greeted me with a hug (she hugged everyone as they arrived).  She is little and striking.  Flawless and comfortable.  She navigated between people easily and seemed a bit of an introvert dealing with the requirements of an extroverted event.  

Sarah and Jolene from Dynamite Dames Photography and  @charliegirl28 makeup kept things moving.  While one woman was photographed another was getting into hair and makeup and a third into wardrobe.  I picked out a couple looks- one more boudoir and one more playful, sweet.  
My second look-inbetween shots.
Jolene tied me into the under-bust corset you see in the picture below.  I have never had a steel boned corset on and boy did that baby pull me in.  I didn't get to see what I looked like until I got home later- and looked through all the untouched photos.  The one here is one of my favorites.  Tess took a series of pictures with everyone.  They were all pretty cute. :-)
Tess Munster, Model and yours truly.  Pin Up style
©Dynamite Dames Photography/ Sarah Hardcastle

It was an adventure and a great experience.  I felt beautiful and for the first time in a long time I didn't feel invisible in NYC as I took the L train back to Union Square or as Laura and I walked though the city together.  Thank you to the Tess and Sarah and to all the beautiful, curvy women who said, "Eff Your Beauty Standards" and did something that was just for them.

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