Monday, March 17, 2014


One of the things about weight loss surgery is that everyone loses at a different rate. When I had my surgery in November I didn't have any expectations when it came to rate of loss. I just knew that I was going to lose and that was enough for me. After so many years of failing I knew this was the way and I have been successful, that is undeniable.

Here is the thing, I know a number of people who also had surgery in November who are already close to their goal weight, after almost 4 months! It was a little shocking, to be honest. I also came across a woman who lost almost 140 lbs in 4 mos, astronomical loss at 35# a month. She is also almost at goal.

I am a long way to goal when we look at the numbers. I have lost almost 90 lbs but I still have 150 lbs to go.  There is a major difference between those that need to lose 100 lbs vs. 200+. It seems to be a different head game too. I have to pace differently, set different kinds of goals, if that makes any sense. I did find a group on FB that is just 200+ people. That community has been really helpful.  I know I will reach my goal, hopefully by the end of this year, but ultimately it's about getting there. NOT HOW LONG IT TAKES. 

I have many moments of feeling like the online community hurts me more than helps me. I may narrow down my groups, which in the end might be the best idea for my mental health.

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