Saturday, March 15, 2014

NSV: Confidence!

Today I went in for the first Saturday Academy of the spring.  Saturday School is a way for students to make up late work, review for spring exams or get additional support from their teachers. I actually really like teaching on Saturday. I don't want to do it every weekend, but twice a month is ok.

Today one of my students who continuously struggles in class and has trouble meeting deadlines was in today and her mom came too, which was really nice to see. Mom took me aside at the end of the three hour session to let me know how impressed she was with my teaching specifically my approach with the kids, management and interactions. She was visibly emotional and went on to say how grateful she was that I was at our school.

As an educator, it is not often that we get that kind of feedback and encouragement. 
So what does this have to do with my VSG?  Last year I would say my confidence was at an all time low and my weight was at an all time high.   Leavening my last school was the first of a number of confidence building steps. Second was the decision to have  WLS.  The primary byproduct of these two monumental decisions has been CONFIDENCE.

I am finally working for someone who trusts me to do the job they hired me to do. My principal came in yesterday to do an informal observation...15 minute pop in, unannounced. I was teaching my 10th grade grade class that is the more advanced group. I am working in them taking more ownership of their leaning, facilitation of class discussions, and confidence as speakers who hold another accountable for their individual and collective learning.  They ARE growing as students and humans, which I am honored to be a part of.  I was confident in the work that my boss was seeing my kids do as well as being confident in the interactions he witnessed me having with my students. I love my work and I hope it shows when anyone comes into my classroom.

I won't lie, my confidence grows my as weight drops. I have always had some level of confidence about my career. But, the easier it is for me to move, to stand in front of a class, to even sit on a desk (there was a time when I never would have sat on a desk!)  is a reality.  On my way home today I decided to do a little retail therapy.  It was the first time I had tried on clothes since my surgery.  The top I have on is a 1x.  I wish my bottoms were decreasing as fast as my top, but I will take it. :-)

I feel more confident about my body, my work.  Life just gets better and better.

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