Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Emotional Ups and Downs

Last week was horrible. Here are the two big things that happened.

1. I almost passed out on the train Monday morning because I took my BP meds on an empty stomach and had a "pre-syncopal" episode due to hypoglycemia.The Heath Center at my school would NOT take my blood pressure because I am not a student. Thanks.
2. Found out our landlord is not renewing our lease because they need to give the apt. to a family member. We have until the end of the summer.

Silver linings:
1. Normal EKG
2. Off one of my 4 BP meds.
3. Actually kind of excited to move, dung out, spring clean and start fresh.

In a totally reactionary moment I cut off my long hair. My hair was really falling out, something that often happens with anesthesia and WLS.  It's doing better now.

I am also at 301 now. Down 85.5 lbs. It is amazing to think about. I don't anticipate 85 more pounds in the next three months but I would not be sad either.   Have 150 more to go. It will take as long as it takes but I am feeling really good. I am moving faster, my knees are not hurting and making that possible sound.

I know people in the VSG community who are really militant about food. I have come to a very peaceful place with it that never results in me hating on myself for a food.choice, something that always plagued me in the past.  I eat what I want. With exception of the things that are on the no-no list like anything carbonated or popcorn. There are also the things I have learned that anybody does not tolerate like broccoli, almond milk and anything spicy :-(. My tiny tummy holds so little that I don't have room for much but a little good chocolate from time to time is ok. I haven't had ice cream and sticking sugar free treats-popsicles, pudding (I excited to try the dulce de leche SF/FF pudding cups I picked up yesterday!) 

Life IS good and I am enjoying the journey.

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