Wednesday, November 27, 2013

"I was a kidney bean, now I'm a banana" or "The Losers Bench"

Monday morning I arrived at NYU around 715AM.  Everything happened efficiently and quickly.  I was checked in then they took me back to go through all the pre-op stuff with the anesthesiologist as well as getting changed into a gown.  Thankfully I ALSO started my period (I know, over-share) but if you can plan better than I did, don't have surgery when you have your period.  Really.  That sucked.  Charlie came back to say hi and later goodbye.  Everyone at NYU was warm, funny and personable helping me to be a little more relaxed.  I had an IV put in and shortly after they wheeled me to outside my operating room.  I chatted with my surgeon and then walked into the operating room.  I climbed up on the bed, settled in, was given something and that was it.  I was out. 

<---Later I woke up in recovery.  Charlie was there.  I kept getting yelled at to breath.  Apparently, I don't breath enough. When I finally arrived in my room, we learned it was a "step down" room with 24 hour RNs in the room.  There were three other patients in the room and it was a noisy first day and night.  I sent charlie home around 4 so we could both sleep. Sleep was a joke that first night. Many interruptions, noises.  Charlie had told me sleep in the hospital in not restful, he was right.  My legs look like pin cushions from the heparin shots. The second say was a whirl wind.  I was in and out of sleep after waking up at 4 AM.  Rounds, the "leak test", which gave me horrible diarrhea.  (Over-share, I know).  I wish I had the pictures from the leak test.  You drink this solution then they x-ray you as you drink to see if there are any leaks in the new stomach pouch or as I am calling it, the banana.  They had a monitor in the room so the patient can watch at the same time.  It was very cool.

I thought I would be going home that night.  That was not in the cards because I was not yet getting enough liquids down.  In a way it was better I stayed a second night.  I was able to start practicing drinking more.  It is a totally new sensation than before.  My stomach now is so small that I try and drink 1 oz. of liquid every 10 minutes.  That's right. ONE OUNCE- that is less that a cup an hour however, if I do this all day the goal is that I make it to 64 ounces of liquid each day.   (There are 8 oz in a cup)  Needless to say, no more "big gulps" for me!  

Wednesday morning I was discharged around 10 am.  The weather broke just enough for us to get home in reasonable time. I have settled in.  Trying to get in my liquids.  Took a glorious shower.  Napped with the puppy.  She was very glad to have me home.

Now I begin this new life.  A new way of thinking about and experiencing food.  I have a long 4 weeks ahead of me- 2 weeks of liquid then 2 weeks of puree.  My 1 week follow up is on Monday- it seems so close- but now I am on the losing side.  This time next year I will have a different body, one once at a time.

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