Saturday, November 16, 2013


The transformation phase of the hero's journey involves the following:

As a result of successfully meeting the challenge of the abyss, the hero is transformed. The transformation is the moment of death and rebirth. Often the transformation takes the form of a revelation, a discovery or insight about oneself or one's culture. This revelation involves a change in consciousness, a change in the way the hero(ine) views life. 


There is something about this idea of transformation that resonates with me both literally and figuratively.  The literal is obvious I think- weight loss surgery will lead to weight loss thus the physical transformation from morbid obesity (a clinical term I really hate) to a healthy weight that will allow me to life a long healthy life with my husband.  The figurative is the tricky part.  It is what we don't see.  The figurative is the magic that happens behind our eyes while we sleep, in hours of therapy with trained clinicians who work with us to help flip those switches and figurative becomes literal the figurative is as important as the literal.

It took me years to finally come to this decision to have this surgery.  I was telling a friend this afternoon about my choice to have surgery and was welcomed with nothing but encouragement and support.  I think that so many people in my life have seen me struggle all my life and to be embarking on such a great transformation seems like such a natural part of my journey.   I have been into the depths of my abyss, and I face my biggest challenge that will begin my transformation and rebirth.

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