Sunday, January 26, 2014

Exploring With Food and Drink

Friday I made my first foray in to brown liquor.  I had a bourbon on the rocks, one of my favorites.  It took be almost 2 hours to finish one drink.  It didn't bother my tummy and I didn't feel drunk (I am sure thanks to it taking 2 hours!)  It is nice to be feeling a little more normal again as far as social situations go.
I was also very inspired by a post on one of the VSG groups on FB.  A woman posted a recipe for egg muffins.  I created my own version and this is how they came out.

Mine have about 14g of protein/serving (2 muffins).  I used Egg Beater Plus, low sodium ham, sautéed mushrooms I had left over, some mozzarella and a little cheddar.  It was really a kitchen sink recipe.  
I had mine with a little Greek yogurt.  Salsa would be good too.  Might make Mexican flavored ones next time. :-)
In other news...I finally got my measurements from my first appointment last summer at NYU.  I wish we had taken more comprehensive measurements, but this will do.
July '13
Neck (inches): 19
Waist (Inches) : 57.5
Hip (inches): 66.5
1/26/14 (2 mos. post op)
Neck: 17 (Down 2 Inches)
Waist: 48 (Down 9.5 inches)
Hip: 60 (Down 6.5 inches)  (I suspect this is more because I wore shapeware to my first appointment so I am sure my initial measurement was higher.)
Total Inches Lost 18
Total Lbs Lost: 61


  1. Awesome job, Meredith! :D On both the losses and the recipe! They look delicious.

  2. Thanks ladies! I am excited to see a different kind of number rather than the scale kind!