Monday, January 6, 2014

Stage 4 Food

I think I get to start real food today- as some of you know there are 4 stages of food post surgery.

1. Clear/Liquid meals
2. pureed foods
3. soft foods
4. food foods

There are still a bunch of things that we are warned about eating for a while- like raw veg., foods with a lot of fiber that will be hard for the little tunny to process.  I have tried adding toasted whole wheat tortilla, which has been the best bread option in my stomach so far.  I did try a bagel thin but if I do it again it will have to be toasted.  The softness of bread is hard on the little tummy.

Food I packed today:
1. String cheese
2. fat free greek yogurt (i add splenda to mine)
3. 2 of of tuna w/ low fat mayo
4. 2 laughing cow light
5. 4 slices of sandwich meat (97% FF)

Mostly soft.  I am craving apple.  Applesauce gave me heartburn so maybe if I peel and slice raw that will be better.

I came across this on my cousin +Mary McCormick's facebook page.  It was inspiring.  No Regrets.

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  1. Congrats on getting to real foods! It's strange i'm allowed toast but not bread. Must be the softness