Thursday, February 20, 2014

Cooking: Cauliflower "Rice"!

I learned about Skinny Taste from my friend Rachel Bayne (Thank you!) and I have been so inspired by all the recipes. So, thanks to  I tried my hand at cauliflower "rice"I made mine with onion and garlic and no cilantro.

 First step is to rinse and break down the cauliflower.  I roasted most of the head to eat later but saved about 1 cup to try with this recipe.  I put it in the food processor and pulsed until "rice-like". In retrospect, I would process a little longer to get a finer "rice".
 I also sautéed a small onion with some garlic and S&P until translucent, in a olive oil.
Then you add the cauliflower to the pan and cover.  I added the lime in the last couple minutes of cooking.  Here is the finished plate that I paired with 2.5 oz of sautéed chicken breast.  (This is a salad plate.)  I was only able to eat about 1/3 of a cup of the "rice" but it was really yummy, even if a bland looking meal.  Lots of flavor and something I will make again, for sure. 

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