Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas! One Month Down!

I decided to move the website over to just a blog.  As much as I like building websites, this is easier.  I am down 50lbs from my highest weight.  I put on a top today that is loose around my middle- I was also able to zip up my leather coat for the first time in a year!  I also moved onto to soft foods.  I am enjoying a lot of cold cuts and low fat cheese.  Speaking of, Christmas dinner tonight went well.  I married into an Italian family where the antipasti course before dinner is a requirement.  My mother in law has been extremely supportive through out this journey.  I had one slice of fresh mozzarella, two pieces of low sodium ham, and a piece of salami oh and 2 green olives.  Everything went down well.  I chewed, chewed, chewed.  For dinner, I had some spinach quiche that she got for me.  It was made with a phyllo dough crust so it was pretty low carb/high protein.  I also had a sliver of pork tenderloin that I had with applesauce- chewed, chewed, chewed.  I treated myself to one oz. of red wine that has given me heart burn but didn't bother my sleeve.  I also had a small cream puff-a wonderful treat but not something I will do on the regular.  It is Christmas after all.  I felt a part of the day and felt satisfied with the food I ate.

I am actually at 336- wishful thinking for the 332 but I am close!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and that the spirit of the holiday season is alive and well in your home, your sleeve, and your heart!


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